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Viva Espana!
2009-04-10 11:35:37 AM

Hola! I have returned to beautiful Spain for the month of April to continue research on my dissertation. Later this month, I will be attending the 19th International Convention on Culture and Peace in Gernika. But first, next week... I'M TURNING 30!! I'm hoping for clear skies and sunny beaches, but mostly looking forward to spending the day with my friends and some good 'ol home cooking. Looking for gift ideas? Books are always a good idea ;) v2.0
2009-01-29 6:34:59 AM

Well, here it is, my fresh new website. In order to help keep everyone up to date with what I'm working on or what corner of the world I'm in this month, I've spend all week drinking incredibly dark tea, brushing up on my PHP and coding my fingers to the bone to bring you all some major updates and new features that will hopefully keep you all in the loop a little better. This new site is an important step in my ongoing research, by helping to get the word out on some of the projects I have currently in the works and how to get involved. So, if you're new here please take a few minutes to look through the projects page and contact me if you'd like to find out more. Thanks, and enjoy!

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